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New in the Carzone Specials program is Free Stuff. On this page we give everyone the chance to have his/her car sponsored with free Carzone Specials parts. This offer is valid for all models, not just the new cars.

To apply for free car parts please fill out the form opposite. All fields must be filled in. Incomplete forms will be deleted.

It is very important to fill out the description + motivation field. What do we mean with description + motivation ? We expect you to tell us about your car, what you have done to it so far, why you want free parts ... We will get lots of mails and we are looking for cars which are driven daily, which can be found at shows and salons. There is no point in us giving free parts to cars that are in the garage all the time, is there?

So: fill out the form and send it to us!!! You will receive an answer by phone or by mail.

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Make of car:
Type of car:

Description + Motivation