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We at Carzone Specials are convinced that the best material to produce tuning orientated car bodyparts is GRP (Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic) due to its high strength and light weight. Every Carzone Specials piece is handcrafted making use of the best products from the world's leading suppliers, benefiting from their knowledge and thereby constantly improving our products in search of perfection.

Expertise accumulated over many years gives us the knowledge that we have control over every step needed to produce high quality aero parts, from the drawing board to the final fitting on our demo cars. All of this ensures that our clients receive products of consistently high standards, both of quality and fitment and at competitive prices.

The art of creation through innovation is our motto. This is why our designers prefer to start from scratch on every new project in order to give it that unique bodystyling package rather than copying from the same curves and lines over and over again. Many of our innovating designs have been copied and blended in so called new designs by our competitors but this is the price we have to pay for being at the forefront on the exclusive designer bodykits market.

With today's high performance assembly-line cars all looking the same as the one in front or behind you a car owner has to look for some way of putting an individual stamp on his or her vehicle. We at Carzone Specials are devoted to supplying the right gear to transform these cars into a one of a kind giving our clients satisfaction to 'express' themselves through their own exclusively built show-car.